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Spurs announce 2021 Training Camp Roster

This might be the most predictable Training Camp Roster ever.

The time has finally come. It’s Media Day for the San Antonio Spurs, and Training Camp begins tomorrow. We’ll have more on what all went down today, but in the meantime the Spurs have released their 2021 Training camp roster, and it’s exactly who you think it is: their 17 current guaranteed contracts plus two-way player Joe Wieskamp. No other “training camp signees” or Exhibition 10 contracts, just the 18 players they currently have under contract.

As has been mentioned numerous times already, this isn’t the final iteration of the roster considering they can only have 15 guaranteed contracts when they tip off the regular season in October 20, so it will be interesting to see who is still on the roster by then. If they can’t orchestrate a trade that will somehow net them one player for the price of three (or two for picks, or whatever nets them two fewer players), “easy” waives from a price standpoint would be Drew Eubanks or Keita Bates-Diop, although Al-Farouq Aminu seems the least likely to have a role with the team going forward. We’ll find out eventually.