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Determining the face of the Miami Heat...

...or why South Beach has yet to have a clear franchise representative

Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

I originally wanted to to just type the words “Dwyane Wade” as the entire article and walk away. Then I read a little deeper into Wade’s two non-Heat seasons. I began to think he may be the most visible, he may be one of the best players to suit up for Miami, and he is the definite leader of the team (before and after the Big 3 era). But his exodus over a few million dollars, strife with the franchise, and his attitude while in self-exile did not sit well with naming “the face.”

LeBron is still deemed ineligible (see the reasoning here). And no way the face of the Heat could look like one of Omar’s boyfriends from The Wire.

So I’m going an entirely different route and throwing my chips behind Udonis Haslem. Hometown hero plays eighteen seasons (and counting*) with one NBA team. Sure, he only played in one game last season and was ejected for a fracas with Dwight Howard. Isn’t the institutional knowledge and a willingness to go fisticuffs in your only game reason enough to elevate Udonis Haslem to the top of the conversation?

Convince me otherwise.

*On August 15, 2021, Haslem re-signed with the Heat

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