GM For A Day: Spurs Offseason Edition

Another SB Nation site I use regularly does these and I have always thought they were interesting, so I'm bringing over to PTR. These are the moves I would make if I was GM for a day, feel free to come back and laugh at how bad this looks in a couple of months!

First things first, I'm going to piss a lot of you off.


Philadelphia receives Dejounte Murray, Thaddeus Young, Al-Farouq Aminu and the Spurs 2022 first round pick.

San Antonio receives Ben Simmons.

Some of you are more hopeful about the current roster than I am, but I do not see any player on this team becoming an All-Star within in the next few years. This trade brings in an All-Star and All-Defensive caliber player in his prime and only gives up two pieces that would be important to the Spurs future. Does Phiily accept this trade? I have no idea, but this is my world and I'm pretending that they do.

Now that the Spurs have Ben Simmons, I an going to build a team that actually complements him, which is something he never had in Philly. The first thing we need is a center who can stretch the floor.


Indiana receives Jakob Poeltl, Lonnie Walker and 2 2nd round picks (or the 2025 Chicago pick).

San Antonio receives Myles Turner.

This gives the Spurs a floor stretching big man who also excels defensively and looks like a fantastic complement to Simmons. It hurts to give up Lonnie, but it is worth it for a player of Turner's ability. Again, would Indiana accept this trade? Not really sure, but I'm going with it.

Spurs sign F James Ennis III

James Ennis is a very capable 3 and D wing coming off a year where he averaged 8.4ppg 4rpg and 1.5apg on 43% from 3. He is a great piece to refill the Spurs bench after losing several key players in trades.

Spurs starting lineup after these trades:

PG: Simmons

SG: White

SF: Johnson

PF: McDermott

C: Turner


PG: Jones or Forbes

SG: Vassell

SF: Ennis

PF: Samanic

C: Landale

Extras: Primo, Bates-Diop, Eubanks, Collins

If Derrick White stays healthy I think this team is a definite playoff team. For the first time in his career Simmons would be surrounded by 4 players who can hit threes at a solid clip (Keldon is still working on it, but he can hit threes). I would also expect Derrick White and Myles Turner to have a career years, since they have never played with a facilitator of Simmons' caliber. This team would be able to play very fast which would play right into Keldon's strengths and could lead to a big year for him. Defensively this team should be ELITE. Simmons and Turner are both All-NBA defenders, and you could argue that Derrick White is as well. Keldon struggles from time to time, but that is expected from a young player. Playing on a team like this, I'd expect him to make defensive strides.

The only negative of this team, is the bench is much thinner than it was before. A breakout from Jones, Vassell and/or Samanic would quickly change that, but otherwise, this is a team that is going to be carried by its starting unit.

What do you guys think of this roster?

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