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The Spurs’ Big Three became synonymous with Beautiful Basketball

Celebrating Big Three Day (9/20/21) by remembering one of the best tributes to Timmy, Many and Tony.

Oklahoma City Thunder v San Antonio Spurs - Game Three Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

In the highly unlikely case that you forgot the only reason to celebrate 9/20/21 or have already started that jaunt down memory lane in remembrance of our beloved Big 3 - Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan - this is a helpful reminder to do so in the last half of this most important day over the next 99 years. You know - until 9/21/(21)20.

This is Here’s revisit the gem J.R. Wilco recognized in May 2014 in recognition of Colin Stanton, the gentleman responsible for the greatest tribute video during the Spurs’ title winning era.

This is, without a doubt, the single greatest Spurs-related video I’ve ever seen. If you’re a Spurs fan, I defy you to watch this without getting a lump in your throat.I’ve had this link on my “to do” list for the past couple of days, and finally got to it today. I wish I’d have seen this as soon as it posted so that I could have gotten it to you sooner. I’ve only seen it once, and I’m typing this as fast as I can so that I can post this story and watch it again.

Someday, I hope to meet Colin Stanton, the man who put this video together, so that I can tell him how much it meant to me, and buy him lunch or wash his car or pick up his dry cleaning. Something!I’m not overstating it a bit when I say that this video moved me, and made me proud to be a Spurs fan. I feel certain that you’ll enjoy it too.

It may have been years, months, or mere hours (in my case) since you have seen Mr. Stanton’s “Beautiful Game” tribute to our San Antonio Spurs and to the best Big 3 of all time. Please bring all remaining tissues in the house for this viewing.

I imagine nearly all of you are wondering if there is a “but wait, there’s more!” portion. There is! Not only did he gift us the above gem, but after San Antonio avenged the Miami Heat by the greatest average and cumulative margin of victory the following year, Mr. Stanton outdid himself with *chef’s kiss* “this masterpiece (THE NEXT NIGHT NONETHELESS - How’s that for editing skills?) after the Spurs sealed that eternally blissful game 5 with a 59-22 run:

Highlights from both videos:

Part 1

* Though Magic Johnson is not particularly known for his eloquence, the enthusiasm and respect in comparing these Spurs teams with his Lakers and Larry Bird’s Celtics is enthralling.

* Mr. Stanton splices together some of the memorable ball movement montages from Spurs recent history, while recalling draft day lore of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker.

Part 2

* The Zach Lowe “Spursgasm” narration to start the video still puts lumps in throats.

* Stanton makes sure to include a ‘who’s who’ of glowing remarks from the NBA’s broadcasting royalty.

* The crescendo of the inspirational music throughout followed by the moving instrumental tone of the final minute brought all of the tears.

How are the Pounders celebrating this most special of days in our respective lifetimes? I’m going to rewatch as much of the clinching quarters and halves from each of the five title runs.