How are you guys celebrating the unofficial "The Big 3 remembrance day"?

Dear fellow Spurs Nation,

It's easy to notify today is the 20/9/21, and obviously we are familiar to these 3 exact numbers (If in case you don't, go look into the rafters). I understand there's nothing official, but it's like "once in a life" to have your date come across with all 3 numbers together in calendar (Actually, twice only per century, and I am almost absolutely sure I won't last till 2120). So I decided to take a day off, run back some of the great videos of the best trio of all time, play a 2k game with a classic Spurs team that includes them all, and celebrate the night while sharing the good memories with the new generations who have not witness them on the court together.

How about you pounders? What's your plan to make this from a blue Monday to a Good day, mate? Feel free to share what your plans and ideas below!


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