What if the plan is to ... miss the 2022 Playoffs???

Spurs fans have gone crazy the last couple of days trying to figure out WTF is going on.

Is the GM incompetent? Is this happening because Pop is away coaching Team USA? Is Primo the next big thing that deserved to be drafted at No 12? Why select Wieskamp in the 2nd round when you were targeting McDermott? Why sign McDermott instead of picking Kispert? Why sign injury-prone Zach Collins instead of selecting Kai Jones or Isaiah Johnson? Why trade DeRozan for expiring contracts and future picks instead of a proven player? Can Landale (a very good Euroleague player) contribute to an NBA team? Why bring back Forbes when the are younger and promising players at the same position? How the sudden abundance of SFs and PFs would be managed (in terms of playing time) and how this affects Walker, Johnson and Vassell? And last (but not least) why spend all the available salary cap space to get players by the dozen instead of a proven veteran or a promising young player?

Everyone is trying to imagine what the big picture is and hopes that more, and hopefully better, trades will follow. But what if the real plan is to build a really bad team that is guaranteed to miss the playoffs, in order to secure a top pick in the next draft? That way the front office would not have to frequently rest key players, use experimental lineups and unload contracts at the trade deadline, all of which are signs of tanking. So the team would tank but not in an obvious way.

If that is the case then there is a great risk of alienating fans before even the season starts. Even worse, our young core of Walker, Vassell, Johnson might reject contract extensions and walk away for a title contender (unless they see their stock go down with the sinking ship).

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