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Determining the face of the Nets

The New York Americans have moved around some since the first season of the ABA

Dallas Mavericks v Oklahoma City Thunder- Game One Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Brooklyn Nets...even for younger fans, the name may still sound a little strange.

The New Jersey Americans of the ABA kicked off their inaugural season in 1967. After one season and a guffaw in having a suitable place to play, the team was rebranded as the New York Nets and moved to Long Island. Another location change to Nassau in 1972 and the Nets completed their ABA stint, joining the NBA in the 1976 merger. It was during this period where the Nets found their greatest success, earning two ABA Championships with “Dr. J” Julius Irving as the helm.

They played one lone season as the New York Nets and then were once again rebranded, this time as the New Jersey Nets. New Jersey is where they would reside until 2012. During their time in New Jersey, the made two NBA Finals appearances in 2002 and 2003. Spurs fans know the outcome of the latter.

In 2012, the Nets once again claimed New York as home, this time with a brand new state-of-the-art stadium in the heart of Brooklyn. Their location has hosted the NBA Draft since being completed.

The Brooklyn Nets made a great push for the Finals last season with Kevin Durant (after having to sit out a season due to injury), Kyrie Irving (also spent some time injured), and James Harden (who was traded for a sixth grader).

Kevin Durant lost key players due to injury during the playoffs and played a heroic 48 minutes in an attempt to knock out the Milwaukee Bucks. In his first game, it worked, but the Bucks came back and ended the Nets season.

So who exactly would be your choice for “face of the Nets franchise”?

Dr.J is certainly a candidate, but as it was the ABA, and 45 years ago, and Dr. J is probably best know as a Philadelphia 76er, he might not make the cut.

Jason Kidd led that turn of the century squad loaded with a ragtag team of players. His ability to get Kenyon Martin, Richard Jefferson, and Kerry Kittles into the mix may make him the most powerful player to ever play for the Nets.

Then again, there is always Kevin Durant, whose face could be the best known for at least two other teams.

Who gets your vote? Or is there another Nets player who defines the team enough to be its face?

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