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Determining the face of each NBA franchise- Boston Celtics

This one may not be as simple

The Fleet Center Photo by Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images

Yesterday, an argument was put forth that Bob Pettit might be the face of the Hawks franchise, but as many pointed out, his legacy as not as well known as Dominque Wilkins’ legacy. Partially due to the era when they played, and partially because of the increased attention to the sport during Wilkins term.

Will the same apply to the Boston Celtics? Will the elders relevance take a back seat to the 80s era when Larry Bird reigned supreme.

Bill Russell, like Bob Pettit, spent his entire playing career with one team. Like Pettit, he was drafted second overall. Like Pettit, he has All-Star nods and accolades that construct quite a legacy. Plus, there’s the eleven Championship rings he earned over this thirteen seasons.

Not to mention the modern-day Finals MVP accolades are named after him.

Will that be enough to rival the era of Larry Bird. While only accumulating three Larry O’Brien trophies during his tenure, Larry helped set the competitive tone of the NBA and boot its popularity.

Once again, it is a generational discussion. Older fans will remember the Celtics dominance and Russell’s role at the forefront of the sport. Middle-aged fans will recall the excitement of the Lakers/Celtics rivalry and Magic and Larry battling it out each year.

Possibly even younger fans will say “Bill and Larry who?” and call for one of the young guns currently defining the Celtics’ dynasty as the face of the franchise.

Who gets your attention?

Next up: Cleveland Cavaliers

[I am either up in the air, or I have landed in Utah. Either way, I look forward to relaying the sights of the Salt Lake City Summer League for the next few days.]

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