If I were the Spurs GM ...

0. If Darryl Morey calls, I'd hang up immediately.

1. I'd sign Bryn Forbes using the room exception. This is widely expected.

2. I'd sign Kieta Bates-Diop to a 2-way contract, if he'll sign it. I like him, and I'd expect him to spend the maximum amount of time possible in San Antonio. If he doesn't accept, I'd preffer to keep it available and see who gets cut after roster day.

3. Unless there is an overwhelming offer, I'd keep Thaddeus Young until the 2021-22 trade deadline.

4. Unless there are behavioral/attitude/culture problems, I'd bring both Al-Farouq Aminu and Chandler Hutchison to training camp. They are likely to be the first two guys cut to give them the best chance to find another team, but I'd give them a chance to show what they've got.

5. I'd have a conversation with David Robinson and his son Justin Robinson's agent. He improved by playing in the Adriatic League (ABA) last year. The ABA is actually a better league than the G-League for bigs, so if they think he'd improve more with a second year, let him negotiate immediately with Buducnost or Podgorica. If he'd rather try the G-League, I'd offer an Exhibit 10 contract. He'd be the last guy cut so he could be sent to Austin, but the point is to practice and learn and go to Austin anyways. Bruce Bowen bounced around for a while, just keep working particularly on defense. Many good defenders started out as a journeyman.

6. I'd call Jaylen Morris' agent. I think he can be an end of the bench guy in the NBA, or a star player in Europe for more money. The problem is the NBA allows only 15 contracts, and at this point the Spurs already have 8 guards (White, Murray, Walker IV, Vassell, Johnson, Jones, Primo and Forbes). So even if he does get a contract, there literally aren't any minutes available. However, I still like him and he is welcome in Austin. If Jones needs to retire due to concussions, I'm interested.

7. I'd search the waiver wire for guys that are 6'7 to 6'10 with lateral quickness, particularly if KBD rejects the 2-way offer or if I have an unexpected roster spot available. We don't need 6'6" and below, or 6'11 and up.

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