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Manu Ginobili appears in Spanish ad for “Space Jam 2: A New Legacy”

For the briefest of moments, Manu Ginobili and LeBron James were nearly teammates.

Space Jam 2: A New Legacy featuring LeBron James — a standalone sequel to Michael Jordan’s Space Jam — was released on HBO back in July, and the Spanish version is set to be released today in Latin America. As a result, they have made an ad featuring Manu Ginobili, and it’s hilarious.

The following translation is courtesy of Jesus Gomez:

LeBron: We are down 1,000 points. No team has ever come back from that.

Granny: We need a miracle.

Sylvester: I don’t know if this counts as a miracle, but I found someone who can help us. He was at home but I managed to get him here.

Bugs Bunny: Is that who I think it is?

Daffy: You found him?

Tweety: I can hear his footsteps!

Daffy: Olympic Gold winner, four-time NBA Champion, sixth – sixth, you say?

Tweety: Yes, sixth

Daffy: His sons’ sixth favorite player! Manu Ginobili!

Manu: Nice to meet you. But guys, I was on my couch chilling, about to watch the movie. I’m retired. I haven’t touched a ball in three years. No, there’s no way I’m playing. (sips cup)

Coyote’s sign: We are doomed.


Sylvester: What if Roman calls? (A reference to Argentine soccer legend and current Boca Jrs. General Manager Juan Román Riquelme)

Manu: Oof, you got me there.

There’s also another version with a different ending:

Bugs Bunny: Manu, do you think you can get me socks like that?

Manu: Bugs.

The grand entrance, Bugs Bunny socks, Looney Toons mug, and of course his championship rings are good enough, but my favorite part is LeBron’s look of hope as Manu enters the room, only to be completely dejected when he declines to participate. The only thing that would have made it better is if Lola Bunny was given another chance to express her love for Manu Ginobili.