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In 1997, the Spurs drafted Tim Duncan

. . . and San Antonio would never be the same.

San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan, 1997 NBA Draft SetNumber: X53074

The drafting of Tim Duncan was the biggest event to happen to the San Antonio Spurs. He is one of the greatest players of all time and one of those rare personalities in sports. His temperament set a tone of the Spurs and complemented David Robinson’s disposition perfectly. More than two decades later there is no rumor of bad blood or locker room drama. Just mutual admiration and impeccable sportsmanship.

Duncan spent his entire career with the Spurs, not unique but rare these days, especially as the mobility of super stars increased during his career.

So, for today, just enjoy the moment it all happened.

Do you remember draft day 1997? Share in the comments.

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