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Determining the face of each NBA franchise: Chicago Bulls

A fun little exercise to get us through until basketball resumes

Michael Jordan Bulls

As we move into August we’re going to take a look at the other twenty-nine teams in the NBA.

Each team just drafted some new players and in the coming days free agency, Summer League, and training camps will shape the upcoming season.

But this is not about that (though feel free to talk about all of this in the comments). This is about the identity of a team, the face of each franchise if you will. That is one player, not some conglomeration of skills and faces.

The Chicago Bulls seems the easiest to start with because without Michael Jordan, there would not be six Championship banners. In fact, were it for a couple of injuries and his preemptive retirement, there could have been a decades worth of them.

Pretty much a soft throw over the plate.

Is there another player who better represents the Chicago Bulls?

Rest assured, most teams will require more deliberation. Just wanted to start easy and build momentum.

Next Up: The Atlanta Hawks.

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