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What does the Josh Primo pick mean for the Spurs?

Noah Magaro-George and Damien Bartonek discuss what the youngest player in 2021 Draft Class brings to the table and how San Antonio’s latest lottery investment impacts their timeline.

2021 NBA Draft Combine Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs shocked the basketball world when they took Alabama freshman guard Josh Primo with the 12th overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft a night ago. Though the 18-year-old performed well at the combine and worked out for the organization leading up to the annual welcoming party for incoming players, most expected Primo to land somewhere in the late-first and early-second round.

Taking a monumental upside swing on the youngest prospect in the class was a move that strayed from what we’ve come to expect from PATFO. Although some were severely disappointed by the selection of another unpolished backcourt project while several talented bigs remained on the board, there’s no doubt this was the most exciting draft in recent memory for the Silver and Black.

As the amalgamation of outrage, surprise, and enthusiasm around the fanbase begins to settle down, Damien Bartonek of Air Alamo joins me on this edition of Alamo City Limits to break down what the relatively unknown teenager brings to the franchise. We also discuss the implications the Josh Primo pick has on San Antonio’s timeline as they approach a pivotal offseason.