Embracing the Chaos that is the post-Big 3 Spurs

I grew up a Magic "fan".

I was born early 90s, in Florida, and I guess that was the team that everyone in my area rooted for (them or the Heat), and I preferred Blue to red, so Magic fan (yes, I chose my team because of a color). And growing up, I liked Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson. Shaq was cool, but I've always been a guard man. This was long after their championship window closed, mind you. Family was poor, Dad didn't like sports, so what little I saw was from videogames (NBA Jam, NBA Live 95, etc.), or the few times the game would be on when we'd visit a relative. I never even got to see them play live. I only ever started watching and actually caring when Tracy McGrady came to town.

The Magic haven't won a single championship. The Magic have drafted great players, and signed greater players, and yet, they have never been able to win a single thing. I loved T-Mac, but he was one player, of many, that the Magic just couldn't build around. And then the injuries robbed him of a career, one that really got me down because I really thought he had the chance to be something better. And it took me years to come to a simple conclusion: I don't know if he would've had a good career. I don't know what he could've done differently to put himself into a better position to be good. I don't know what the Magic could've done differently to put themselves into a situation to be good.

I get that people are upset, but 3, 5 years of bad decisions doesn't compare to the 10 franchises who have never been able to win a championship in 30 years. I get that people are upset, and if that's what people need to do, then sure, react. Be upset. Process.

But then, is it possible to be glad that we're the franchise that actually made use of it's stars into multiple championships, rather than a franchise who had Shaq, Penny Hardaway, Horace Grant, Tracy McGrady, (injured) Grant Hill, Dwight Howard, and all of these other great players and STILL couldn't get it done? They've run through coaches, superstars, and Front Offices, and they still haven't been able to figure it out. And they're not the only ones.

It took the Bucks 50 years to get their next championship. It took the Lakers 10 years between their last championships, and they can outspend everyone. LeBron on the Heat only won 2 in 4 years, and that Warriors team that went 87-9 only won 3 in the last 6. It takes time to build a contender, and it takes patience, even when you have a generational talent that can elevate you to contender status (which, as we all probably think, we don't). It's not that easy, or we would have 20 championships, the Warriors 7, LeBron probably none because we would've taken them all during most of his prime.

Maybe I haven't been a Spurs fan for that long. I only started once T-Mac came here for a championship run, so my return on investment was relatively minor, and that return came a year later. But this was still the first team that I've ever loved. The first team whose memorabilia I ever bought. So as a fan of a sports team, I'm relatively inexperienced still, but I feel maybe it's an interesting perspective, to have basically been here for 8 years, and only have one championship celebration to show for it.

So I'm really honest when I ask: is it really this hard to be patient? Is this what fans are supposed to do in order to come back 3 weeks later and be able to put back on their Spurs cap, their Spurs Jersey, and get ready for another season of fighting for the relatively low odds that is becoming an NBA championship?

So can you explain why you're upset? What makes what the Spurs have done worse than the other 25 franchises that haven't had any success since we won our last championship?

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