2021 Draft: Chris Duarte, G, Oregon

With the way the game has evolved, why are the Spurs not looking hard at players such as Chris Duarte? Today, the game has become a fast paced, high scoring, outside-in type of game. It's no longer a game where the bigs dominated the floor and teams would play inside out. Tim Duncan, David Robinson, and even LaMarcus Aldrige were all great at playing with their back to the basket, but times have changed. Players who can score at a high clip and at range are now at a premium in the leauge, and Duarte fits that build.

At 6'6, and 200lb., Duarte is a prolific scorer who can get buckets quickly, and in a variety of ways, not to mention his shooting at a high rate from beyond the arch, 42.4%. The added bonus that you also get with Duarte, is that he has great defensive skills. Since Pop is high one two-way players, Duarte should be high on his radar. Guys like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have shown you don't need to be a big man to dominate the leauge. The Spurs need to evolve with the game and should consider a "3 & D" type of guy in the draft, instead of going after another big man that will need to be developed over the next few years.

Chris Duarte:

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