Initially, I apologize for the text prepared with support from google translator. I've been following the NBA from Brazil since the time of Michael Jordan's Bulls. But I became a Spurs fan from the beginning of Thiago Splitter, I felt the huge loss of 2013 and I fell in love in 2014 with the ball movement and teamwork as a value of the Spurs culture. From 2015 onwards, with the retirement of the BIG 3 stars, I was very curious about the path that the team would follow. I thought the Spurs would continue down the path of the weight of international players and the NBA's more global team. That's not what happened. I remember that in some games the team on the court was: Parker, Manu, Belinelli, Diaw and Splitter. I thought the ability of the Spurs to bring together different global cultures to win in a typically American sport was fantastic. I believe there are different ways to build teams, win games and championships. Today I see the intense debate in PTR about building teams and stars coming together in major American economic centers and the Spurs' inability to follow this trend. I see that other small market teams have followed the Spurs' path with heavyweight international players and are finding success in the Playoffs: Denver, Suns, Bucks, Jazz and 76ers. I also watch OKC rebuild with international players. In my opinion, the vast majority of international players dream of playing the NBA and don't care about marketing and related businesses. They want to win the game in the biggest championship in the world. I conclude that the Spurs' greatest chance to win again is to build teams with international players who play for their country's national teams and are used to competing not only for individual indicators of success, but for the glory of the achievement. Maybe it can have some utopia in theory, but I believe it can be a model of culture that can be sustainable in business and in successful teams for the Spurs to face the big markets.

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