Pop is the coach with most wins in the NBA

Yes… He will probably stick around one more season to beat Don Nelsons record.

But if you count in the playoffs Pop is already by far the winningest coach in NBA history

Pop 1310+170=1480

Nelson 1335+75=1410

Wilkens 1332+80=1412

Jackson 1155+229=1384

Riley 1210+171=1381

I looked at the guys ahead of Pop on the playoff win list and the two ahead of him on the regular season list. Pop is a notch above all.

But he likely won’t be satisfied til he is number one on regular season list.

I for one hope he will then tirn over the reigns to coach Hammon. I really think he could just as easily leave today.. ..and make sure the spurs get an unbeatable note in the record books - by hiring the first ever female head coach.

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