Realistic Chance at a DDR Sign-And-Trade?

As the season goes on and more teams' fates are sealed, the rumors and personnel needs of contenders start to rear their ugly head. It seems at least to my eyes that DDR's stock has gone up a bit as teams like the Lakers and Knicks go down. He is going to land somewhere that fits and get paid fairly well doing so (probably not a max though). So is a sign and trade a genuine possibility at this point?

This seems like a more complicated solution for DDR than just walking and signing somewhere, it would take teams in a bit of a salary cap bind to make this work. But I think it is a true, reasonable situation to predict a sign and trade at this point. I think there's about a 35% chance for a sign-and-trade and it may only go up as other teams go down. I'm more optimistic about this happening than I was right after the Memphis loss. Maybe too optimistic? Not enough?

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