What makes you think the Spurs will ever win another championship or even become "serious" contenders?

A lot of this is all just dumb luck. Getting Robinson, then him getting hurt, then getting Duncan was not a plan, not a strategy, it was just dumb luck. The years in which the Spurs had the number one pick, there was no debate as to who would be picked. No debate at all.

So the Spurs got a couple of Hall of Fame talents who not only were tremendous players but also solid, possibly even a bit boring, with regard to personality and were low key enough actually LIKE living in San Antonio.

The team did a good enough job of surrounding Duncan with talent to win a bunch of championships, but again, some of that was dumb luck as well.

Given that so much of this is just chance, is it reasonable that the Spurs will strike gold again?

I have followed the Spurs since ABA and love them with all my flinty little heart. Another trip to the pinnacle would be so very gratifying...but, do I expect it? Well, no. Want it to happen, want lightning to strike, hope that the 20 years of built up Spurs mojo will do some work and somehow create greatness again, but it's not as if we are owed it, it's not as if it's likely.

So it's a decision that each of us will make. Are we fans of ACCOMPLISHMENTS or are we fans of the Spurs, no matter what? This part will likely sort itself out very easily in the next few seasons.

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