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Matt Bonner sports “Spuran Spuran” t-shirt on his Spurslandia podcast

Whether they are available has yet to be determined.

2014 NBA Finals - Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Last night during the San Antonio Spurs telecast, Bill Land and Sean Elliott shared a blurb from the latest edition of Matt Bonner’s Spurslandia podcast.

Don’t know how many fans caught it, but The Red Mamba was sporting a Spuran Spuran t-shirt. Some of you are nodding, the rest need an explanation.

Back in 2015 while the Spurs were still basking in the glory of a 2014 NBA Championship. Bonner roped in the drumming acumen of Kawhi Leonard meshed with the trio keyboard stylings of Patty Mills, Aron Baynes, and The Coyote

Spuran Spuran had but one hit notched to their acclaim. The international sensation “Spurs!” was heard coast to coast (on both sides of the San Antonio River) and went Aluminum in a twelve mile radius of Bexar County.

Alas, the fandom was not enough to keep the band going. Aron Baynes moved Detroit to start an MC5 cover band while Kawhi Leonard took his talent to Canada in hopes of Juno Award. Matt Bonner retired leaving Mills and The Coyote in a sort of Wham! position.

The now vintage shirt is currently only available through Matt Bonner, it may be one of a kind. I am in pursuit of The Sandwich Hunter and will report back with any new information.

Stay tuned.

(Bonus footage: I can be seen at the 1:10 mark making a pizza with Aron Baynes.)

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