Kelly Oubre... thoughts?

I wrote a post in haste about starting from scratch. The Grizzlies continuing to grind against the Warriors and Jazz make me feel a little better. But I’ve now seen three articles on this page mirroring my concerns about sticking with DeRozan, sticking with guys like Gay and Mills, and not committing fully to a youth movement. With that in mind...

Murray and White are our starting guards period. We are committed to them and barring some crazy trade opportunity we must give them the keys.

Poetl... I don’t know, but it sure seems like we like him enough to keep him as a starter.

KJ... He has all star potential, but his size and position are interesting. I don’t know if he is ready to be a starting small forward on a playoff bound team. He fits in well at PF, but is clearly undersized and it’s weird to have 3-4 starters that are 6’4".

That brings us to SF.... I don’t think DeRozan is the answer. There is a great article on this on the main page. Free agency is thin, but one name I am curious about is Kelly Oubre. For me he threads the needle as a guy who is proven, but could develop into a star (a la Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram, Victor Oladipo). He can score, defend, and is athletic. He can complement our other young stars and his prime coincides with theirs. I think it’s the one free agent aquisition that maybe immediately makes us an exciting team to watch.

I think there are personality issues. But maybe he’s the type of player who will benefit from playing within the Spurs system.

Regarding the other talked about options... nothing seems very good:

Evan Fournier... falling apart in Boston, maybe take a flyer on him on a really cheap deal but he doesn’t seem like the player who gets us over the hump.

Lauri Markenen: Seems like a one dimensional player... good shooter not the dynamic player that takes us to another level

John Collins: good but no indication he wants to leave Atlanta anymore.

Thoughts on Kelly Oubre to the Spurs? Any free agents you would like to see the team pursue?

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