DeMar DeRozan sign and trade scenarios

Here it is, the sequel to my original DeMar trade scenarios post, which led to a couple hundred replies but alas, did not have the honor of coming up with a scenario that came to be in the real world. This one may suffer the same fate, but hopefully it will at least spark some good conversation. It's the offseason, we obsessive Spurs fans have some time on our hands without a lot to get excited about, except maybe a Lakers first round exit. (I hope I haven't jinxed anything!)

I really hope some fun ideas will get passed around, and as before, we'll try to at the least keep things marginally in the sphere of reality. But, let's dare to dream as well! Chances are all-too-good that DeMar will simply walk in free agency, but until that actually happens, I personally am hanging on to the fantasy that the Spurs may get something of value from his departure. What's that, you say?....There's a third possibility?... Sorry, we must have dropped a connection there. Some things are best not discussed.

Okay, here's my first offering. It's a real day dream. The Spurs trade DeMar DeRozan and Luka Samanic to the Atlanta Hawks for John Collins in a sign and trade. Collins signs for 4 yrs $116 mil, DeMar for 2 years plus option at $86 mil. Samanic is added as a sweetener, considering half the league is going after Collins.

Tear it apart if you like, but more importantly, add your own scenario!

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