Spurs Offseason Predictions... who we keep, who we pursue in FA, and who we should draft!

BIG NOTE for the offseason, the current team needs to practice corner 3s.

Rostered Players for 2021-2022(8/17)

DJ, Derrick "Titan" White, Devin Vassell, Lonnie Sky Walker IV, Keldon Johnson, Jakob Poetel, Tre Jones, Luka Samanic

1st Question answered

Pura Vida, Let Demar, Trey wirh a y, Weatherspoon, and Jefferies hit free agency.

I know we Spurs fans always want the team to wheel and deal like the Rockets and Lakers, but we are not the Rockets or Lakers! We treat the other teams and our players with respect. No reason to sign Demar to a max and make his list of suitors a small pond for a sign and trade. Be free Demar, thanks for being a big bro to the young guns. I hope they learned about humility, professionalism, and how to get buckets from you.

Also I thought Trey Lyles was better than Pop thought he was, but I wish him great fortune in the future.

2nd Question: Don't resign Lonnie Walker, yet.

We all love his ability to knock down open 3s, lockdown on defense 1v1, and break down a defender 1v1. However, we need to see the consistency, at least on the offensive end. It seems strange that he averaged 11 this year, the eye test says boom or bust scoring. Couldnt it easily be 15+ with movement in the offense? When he gets catch-and-shoot or an open lane, we have a star. When he is left in the corner, we have an disinterested teenager. Let him prove he is worth the long term contract, and join our core of DJ, Derrick, and Jakob. We should have extra cap next year, see note in on Rudy Gay.

Question #3:

Best Free Agents available for our team to fill the 50+mil cap space

#1 target, Otto Porter Jr. consistently shoots the 3 well, still has unlocked potential as a playmaker, and knows how to play defense. 3 and D is the priority. He is an instant upgrade over anyone on our roster at the forward spots, is not too old, and seems like a Spurs type of guy. Please let this work better than Richard Jefferson's acquisition. (9/17) 28 mil year

Support players to go after:

Patty Mills, need I say anything here? Extension of the coaching staff, leader, spark plug, and 3 point shooter. Maybe this is the lifetime contract 3-4 years with player option at the end, low money up front, and a stretch clause used down the road to pay him into retirement.(10/17) 10 mil a year

Kelly Olynk, versatile 4 that can play small ball 5. League average 3 point shooter at worst, does well in a motion offense(we better figure that out with our lack of individual dribble penetration), and played for the Heat and Celtics so knows what culture can mean to a teams success. (11/17)(13 mil) hopefully we can get him around 10-12 mil / year for 2-3 years.

Gorgui Dieng, I saw enough from him to think he is a great backup center. Willing to do the dirty work, shoots the 3 well, and defends the painted area well for someone who could still improve his footwork and needs time to gain more Spurs IQ. (12/17)(11mil) 2 million per year 2 years

Rudy Gay- He frustrates me with his lapes in effort on defense, in transition, and with shot selection. However, Rudy Buckets has proven himself to be a world class teammate and scorer. I wouldn't sign him for more than 2 years, 2nd a team option in case we are not competing for a championship. Not mad if we don't resign him and use that money for another shooter and a Lonnie Walker extension. (13/17)(3 mil) 8 mil per year hopefully.

Bring back Drew Eubanks and Kieta Bates Diop. Drew and Kieta are great 3rd unit guys. They put it all out there and have some specific skills to be take advantage of. (15/17)(NBA pocket change left)

This leaves us with room for the draft picks and a team of...

Dj, Derrick, Otto, Big Body, Jakob… Patty, Devin, Lonnie, 2 of Rudy/Kelly O/Gorgie…. Tre, Kiata, Drew, Luka

Would be a deep team, the defense and 3 point shooting is upgraded in the starters and the bench, we have room for decline in the "Rudy and Patty Show" we got used to seeing in the first half of this season.

Draft Night: Hard to say now, but my choices in order, based on the 12th pick, Kispert(most ready, lowest ceiling), Barnes(the next Kawhi?),Kai Jones(Luka insurance, big upside), Giddey(versatile and savy playmaker), and Wagner(ready to play if we miss Kispert).

Preferences from me outside the prediction: Let Luka, Lonnie, and Devin play a larger role in the 2nd unit offense. Put pressure on Keldon to earn his starting job with a quality PF. His offensive spacing, movement, shooting, and lateral quickness could all use a boost this offseason. We can wait for ball handling and playmaking.

I hope Pop is figuring out which of these guys has the stuff, but it is hard to see his plan with the lack of consistent time on court for the young guns. Is the lack of practice making it difficult for them to assimilate? Does he just not have faith in them? Tim, Manu, David, and Tony burst onto the scene. Spoiled as we are, is it time to give up on Lonnie, and find an improved draft pick with him? I love the highlights and potential, but does he have the drive to be great for 48 minutes a night, 82+ games a year? You can see DJ, Derrick, Jakob, and Keldon bringing their expected level every single night with little inconsistency very soon.

Do we need a little nasty on the roster Pop?

As you can tell by looking at 2 new players in the regular rotation from this prediction, (unless we lose Rudy and/or Patty) this is a pretty standard Spurs offseason. Keep the guys together and grow the culture.

Hardest season ever to watch between the terrible home record without us, and the sluggish 2nd half of the season. However, being a Spurs fan in Costa Rica does have its perks… no Mavs fans around for 1.

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