A Random Sample....

Watched that last game with my Son. He is 18 and he gets upset and yells while watching games, the same as I did when I was much younger. I can just watch and stay mostly OK and not yell too much.

During that game I did think a lot about our Spurs, especially early in the game and had this thought:

If you randomly put five starting players from throughout the league on the floor, what would be the odds of NONE OF THEM being able to knock down any threes. Would seem like even randomly selected someone would knock a few down.

Discuss. It's interesting and I would suspect that there are mental aspects for the shooters and defensive schemes by the adversary that are important but still......early in that game the Spurs could not shoot at all. Reminded me of that Houston Rockets game in the playoffs a few seasons back when they were firing away and just clankity clank clanking...


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