Blow it up

Watching this Spurs play-in game and of course any good Spurs fan is going to be prone to over-reaction. But i am not sure if this is one: BLOW IT UP. Blow up the team. Move on from Pop. Tank for a year or two. Trust the process. Draft in the top 3. Rebuild.

I went into this game not expecting a win. But I do expect a respectable showing. Come ready to play. We have young guys, but we are not exactly green behind the years. DeRozan is supposed to be the leader. He brings a wealth of playoff experience. Patty Mills has championship pedigree. Not to mention POP!

But I have two reasons for wanting to blow it up:

1) I remember a playoff game against golden state years ago where Pop called a timeout minutes into the game. He yelled at everyone. Now to see this game where Memphis was clearly on fire and Pop didn’t think it important to call his team back to refocus them and break up the momentum.

2) How have the Spurs looked like on their last two meaningful games? Exhibit A is this play in game. Exhibit B is game 7 versus Denver in 2018. There comes a time where you just lose it. And pop without Duncan has lost it.

My suspicion is Pop wants the all time coaching wins record. Get to 1336... then WALK AWAY. At this point, Pop staying does nothing for us. Just like having this mediocre team does nothing for us. There is no injured David Robinson coming back to save us. There is no Aldridge signing to extend our window a few more years. The window is closed. Maybe if you add a top draft pick to a Murray, White, KJ core we have a 4-5 seed that could then attract a top free agent to get us back to title contending. Fighting for the 10th seed will not attract anyone or help us draft all stars.

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