Tim Duncan Hall of Fame Tribute

Twenty One - A Tim Duncan Tribute

First Quarter

Nineteen Ninety Seven, I remember it well

A young kid from Cali doing time in summer school

Riding the line between studious and cool

As the class buzzed about the Lakers

Sitting in the back with the LA Times paper

As he opened up the sports page

He heard the bounce of a ball

Echo from the hall

From an island it called

Well, it must have been fate

How a growth spurt came late

And a hurricane, blew, and blew

The roof off, all that he knew

As the sunrays unveiled the debris

Little remained on the scene, not even fear

This was back in Eighty-Nine, and

Where one dream died, another one grew

Reeled from the reef to the park to escape the sharks

Maybe just to play past dark,

A young kid, picked up a ball and heard a call from afar

A tale of a legend who gave his all -

For the love of the game this kid practiced late

And a quest for his best, never let him rest

And so, good led to better and a scholarship letter

To learn, as a Demon Deacon

The rest is history as I’m speaking it

Could have skipped like most but he chose to stay

As he flipped the script on the NCAA

Refined the rudiments to the tune of a degree

A promise he kept in the Caribbean Sea

Well-rounded fundamentally sound

We know it well now in the year twenty-one

I knew it then, as I heard David Stern

Dreams can come true (right out of the blue)

And so

Tim Duncan

Made his name

In the mind of a young kid

From Cali

Just trying to find his way

2nd Quarter

What went down in this town is well-known

As the sound of the fans filled the Alamodome

Timmy D brought the Id without the Ego

Never withered in the heat, never lost hope -

Team first, from the instant he arrived

Insisted only to grow and a chance to thrive

The wins came steady as a by-product

Rooted deep in the work, double-doubles by the half

Banked off the glass, automatic -

Smothered the paint quite modestly

Trajectory at the right angle like geometry

Defied gravity by remaining on the ground

Fools jumped up to get beat down

And Pop calling "Four down" in the fourth had me believe

Like we had something up our sleeve, and

Maybe I was just naïve -

Because it really was all up in the air

Nervous times, biting the nails

Weathering the runs, one, then another

Good times, to share with a brother

And never could imagine,

Driving down the highway to San Antone in 2003

On the way to the Alamo to give thanks the Admiral

Crossed the desert on a Honda with no AC

Come to think we were crazy but we were just free

At the Riverwalk, we reveled in the magic

To understand this, we got to rewind the clock a bit


In the land of the bright light’s

Flashy moves, alley-oops, on the highlights

What da ya know? Shaq’s on the move to Hollywood

And it’s all good, the odds never seemed stacked

Cuz every year we had a crack at it

Down the wire all was fair

In that moment

You must decide with a blank stare

You side with the group or the inner guide

The key is to believe, en let it fly

Nineteen, Ninety-Nine, Tim Duncan, Finals MVP!

Man that championship elation brought timely affirmation

To this young kid, as he witnessed the first of five

Like a breath of fresh air, a gift from the sky

A sign on the road, you’re in the right place

At the right time, in the right state of mind!

Listen now, it’s more than a game

You win some, you lose some, what did you gain?

Learn from the losses, in the quest for the battles

In the end, family is all that mattered

We remember Mamba, undeniable in his will

From the fire he lit as a rival the sparks fly still

Forever on the perpetual path in our heart

To be better -

As we pounded the rock

Till there was nothing on the clock

But point four –

No minute restrictions,

No final score, can make sense in this

Relentless pursuit to your limits

Regions, I can’t reach with my lyrics

Just a blink, the time it takes for a heart to sink

And one lucky shot deserved another

You brought out the best in each other

4th Quarter

Nineteen journeys sewn in the soul

One thread all around the globe

As a teammate, none more consistent

Helped this kid, in times, when he was socially distant

And even when, the shots clanked point-blank

On Diop or Battier, what I remember

U never flopped or passed the blame

Distilled the pain into a purpose

We’d be back again, and you’d assure it

Back from defeat to reach a new peak

As you guaranteed to the team in 14’

"We’ll do it this time" (that’s true)

I witnessed this sipping chamomile tea

From a mountain in Peru

Now the ride continues where we stand

Making this map from the beginning

A new day to leave it all on the floor

Only now I know it’s not about the winning

It’s about the LOVE in what you do

Thank you Timmy D (for real)

From the post to the bank, to the mid-range jumper

Hall of Fame, still can’t contain, what I feel

Reppin Spurs on my Bumper!

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