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The best of the best parts of the Spurs’ loss to the Nets

The East Coast wasn’t the only place running out of gas.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Brooklyn Nets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The team without an All-Star went up against the All-Star team without a coach, and the former faded down the stretch in an otherwise competitive game. DeMar DeRozan led the Spurs with 21 points while Dejounte Murray and Patty Mills each poured in 15 points apiece. Murray also notched a double-double in the loss by grabbing 11 rebounds.

That being said, Dejounte Murray has been a revelation this season. He’s like Schrödinger’s point guard where it feels like he’s both too old and too young all at the same time. The 5th year PG (4th full season) does it all: leading the team, running point, dishing out assists, scoring, tallying steals, and grabbing rebounds. In the very near future (I hope), he’ll become a walking triple-double. Here, this play perfectly encapsulates the Swiss-army knife game that Murray brings to the table:

You can’t spell “There’s no quit in this team” without Patty Mills, Devin Vassell, and The Mountain Drew Eubanks. Don’t bother checking, it’s true.

A Jakob Poeltl block brings all the Rudy Gay corner threes to the court. And Spurs fans are like, it’s better than yours.

Here, Poeltl called his shot just like Babe Ruth. A straight back-to-the-basket, offensive rebound deflection that lands a bucket. Just the way he planned it.

DeRozan likes his coffee the same way he likes his low post game: two pumps, strong, and with a little Irish on it:

And last but never least, the full game highlights:

Next up, the Spurs head to Billy Joel’s house to take on the New York Knicks on Thursday, May 13, 2021.