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Gorgui Dieng is playing through the pain for the Spurs

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The newest Spur is determined to help his team, injured or not.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Newest Spur Gorgui Dieng had finally gotten the job he always wanted. Since meeting RC Buford as a young boy in Senegal at Basketball Without Borders, he has dreamed of playing for the San Antonio Spurs. After recently being bought out by the Memphis Grizzlies, he seized the opportunity when the Spurs came calling, turning down many other teams — including ones with brighter outlooks — for the chance to fulfill his dream.

Unfortunately, almost instantly after he arrived, he suffered a sprained shoulder in his debut against the Kings on March 31. He missed the Spurs next three games before playing limited minutes in their loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, which featured his first bucket as a Spur: a three-pointer.

However, he revealed ahead of last night’s tilt with the Denver Nuggets that it wasn’t just some mild sprain that quickly healed; it’s still sore — you could seem him wincing in pain at times — and probably won’t completely heal until given the right amount of time, but he’s playing through it to help his team.

“I just got to keep playing. From this point on it cannot get worse. You’re going to be hurt throughout the season.”

Something about Dieng has always felt Spurs-like, and this just confirms it: playing through pain to help his team. Hopefully as he gets more minutes and gets to know his teammates better, that added level of comfort will help him feel a little more comfortable despite the pain. Get well soon, Gorgui!

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