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It’s time for San Antonio Spurs vs Portland Trail Blazers

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The Spurs return home for one game, and face Damian Lillard and the Blazers.

San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images

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So after the Spurs sleepwalked to a disappointing loss to a bad team on Wednesday, they’re back home, which has been anything but sweet, to face an actually good team. The Spurs have been awful this year at home, and although they’ve had a few solid games, they’re often followed up by frustrating relapses into mediocrity. Mediocrity (or worse) won’t get it done tonight against the Trail Blazers, who are in 6th place in the west, breathing heavily on the coattails of the struggling Lakers, who are still holding on to 5th despite missing their two best players for a while.

Derrick White and Patty Mills were the bright spots for the Silver and Black on Wednesday, and they’ll need to keep it up tonight, and try to get some help from better overall defense and more organized play from DeMar DeRozan and the rest of the gang. This game looks like a scheduled loss on the Spurs agenda, which means it has a great chance of being a competitive contest. If it isn’t, at least there’s a good chance to see Luka Samanic, Devin Vassell, and Tre Jones get some court time.

LaMarcus Aldridge based his routine on rhythm, and his game is based on his strongly beating heart. While we looked through a fiesta colored prism, for the Spurs he played a very important part. In our minds and souls, we’re still with him, and among the Spurs greats, he surely will be a historic part.

One final word:

Go Spurs GOOOOOO!!

San Antonio Spurs vs Portland Trail Blazers
April 16, 2021 | 6:30 PM CT
Streaming: NBA League Pass

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