White's Reaction to DeRozan's Game Winner vs Dallas

Like most Spurs fans, I was feeling as elated as DeRozan looked after hitting the game winner in Dallas to finally force a game into the win column for the good guys following the loss laden homestand.

However, after some time passed and now having watched the replay multiple times (likely too much), one thing that stands out as a bit odd is Derrick White's reaction or lack of reaction to the shot compared to the joy/celebration expressed by most Spurs players. Take a look at the video.

Maybe I still just have a bit of March madness and expect everyone to be pumped and rush the floor to celebrate with the hero of the game. After all, it is an NBA regular season win, perhaps nothing so dramatic in the grand scheme of things, but the blank stare (seen in the angle from the opposite end of the court) still seems out of place compared to the celebration going on around him.

Is he just focused on playing defense the next 0.5 seconds? Does he not know how to react to DeMar's barbaric YAWP? Was the play designed for Derrick and DeMar took it himself? Did White just think (perhaps rightly) that he should have gotten the ball after he was left wide open on the pick for the pop and a chance at the game winner himself?

During all the initial post-play little hugs and daps, White looks like he might be considering joining in at one point, then Keldon sort of cuts him off with one of his typical bull rushs of enthusiasm and hype. Perhaps there are other players that don't get in on the love/celebration initially, but Derrick stands out a bit given the previous sort of expressionless look he was giving.

At the end of the game, we see them congratulate each other so I'm not especially concerned about any festering locker-room issues or anything, but it just struck me as an odd reaction and I was interested in getting more opinions. So what do you think?

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