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Imagining the ideal power forward for the San Antonio Spurs

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The Spurs must address a gaping hole in their overall plan

Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs - Game Seven Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Yesterday we spoke about the passing of the torch to Dejounte Murray as the Spurs floor leadership takes shape in the near future. A few you all pointed out that the youth movement of Murray, Derrick White, Keldon Johnson, Lonnie Walker IV, and Jakob Poeltl leaves a hole at the four spot.

Is it safe to say that since Tim Duncan’s retirement the Spurs have been unable to successfully align a power forward with their line-up?

That would stand to reason, you don’t simply fill in for the greatest power forward of all time. But enough time has passed that the inability to find a player that bridges the small forward and center positions has now weighed on the Silver & Black.

Assuming DeMar DeRozan does seek out greener pastures over the summer (and that is an if, not a when), many Pounders believe the backcourt of Murray and White are ready for the next level. Keldon Johnson at the small forward is showing promise, especially when considering that was a weak spot for the Spurs after the Kawhi Leonard trade.

A DeMar-sized hole in the Spurs roster would leave some room to chase after a true power forward. If that was the case, who should the Spurs chase?

From the looks of things, there aren’t a lot of heavy duty forwards available this summer. Hoops Hype only has only one power forward in their top 10 and five in the top 20 on their list of best available free agents.

A lot of comments continue to point to Hawks’ John Collins. He’s ranked second overall. But he is a restricted free agent this summer and not likely to be available as Atlanta looks to build a contender around Trae Young.

Montrezl Harrell (15th) ranks high but has a player option. It is doubtful he will leave the Los Angeles Lakers (and LeBron James and Anthony Davis) for a team that is lucky to get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round.

Paul Millsap (16th) has a sweet deal in Denver and looks to win his first NBA title. At thirty-six, he’s not bound to be a starter and definitely not going to mesh well with what San Antonio has.

Lauri Markkanen (17th) is also a restricted free agent in Chicago. Doubtful he will cut loose, but at twenty-three, could be an interesting piece in the Spurs organization. at 7’ he might be more center than power forward.

Sacramento’s Richaun Holmes has improved in almost every category each season and perhaps because the Spurs just faced the Kings and it is fresh, he appears to be the exact combination of aggressive, agile, and athletic that Spurs need. His three-point shooting is non-existent and placing him alongside Jakob Poeltl could push the Spurs game back into the 80s. But then again, an offseason with Chip Engelland may be what the doctor ordered.

What do you think Spurs? Can a contender be harvested from what the Spurs have and one of the aforementioned power forwards? Is there a college player who would (a) be available when the Spurs draft and (b) be ready out of the gate? Is there a diamond in the rough within the league that could be signed this offseason and overhauled into the exact missing piece of the puzzle?

Is there an ideal player to join the Spurs at the four spot?

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