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Watch: Tim Duncan’s simplicity made him so hilarious

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Need a reason to smile? Watch this.

Amidst a potential season-derailing 2-10 stretch of play, San Antonio Spurs fans could use a bit of a laugh, and here it is. YouTuber Caron Cox recently posted a video called “Tim Duncan is a simple man” that shows the difference between Timmy and more “expressive” stars, from his oversized, casual attire to a subtle pregame handshake and nod (as opposed an elaborate dance routine). It may just be 30 seconds, but it’s enough to make one smile.

Still, if that’s not enough, here’s another 8 minutes of funny Tim Duncan moments from Skyhooked, from well known moments like “The Cup” and discovery of his arms, to shenanigans against Sean Elliott and shocked reactions to foul calls.

The Spurs may be desperately missing Timmy on the court, but despite his dry demeanor and lack of personality in public, he’s still a good source to turn to for a laugh.