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DeMar DeRozan leads the Spurs’ redemption against the Kings

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It’s Rick. Rick “Bally Sports” Renner. 

NBA: Sacramento Kings at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Two nights after getting trounced by the Sacramento Kings, the good guys were able to return the favor with seven different San Antonio Spurs scoring in double digits in the winning effort. DeMar DeRozan led all players with 26 points while Jakob Poeltl had another double-double with 12 points alongside 14 boards. Derrick White poured in 18 points while Rudy Gay contributed 16 against his former team.

The Spurs defense was more effective and the offense got back on track, and everyone had a hand in its success. Seven different players scored in the double digits.

“Hey, Drew Eubanks, do your best Shaquille O’Neal impression.” And then he obliged:

Here, Dejounte Murray made a spin move for a bucket, but I contend that a spin move would actually mean turning completely 360 degrees. It seemed like Murray just wanted to execute on a more difficult degree of difficulty by spinning “only” 180 degrees for a back-to-the-basket layup.

There is no offense without defense. There is no offense without defense. Bring back the Whataburger Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuit. There is no offense without defense.

Watching DeMar DeRozan’s beautiful footwork and patience with the basketball is like enjoying a glass of fine scotch. You savor it, enjoy the subtle notes, and wonder what if it shot more threes?

Patty Mills got a little fancy with this behind-the-back pass to Derrick White streaking up the court:

Patty Thrills pulled out all the tricks at the game. He started this sequence with a save at half court to DeRozan, who found Rudy Gay for the open three:

DeMar DeRozan put some extra fire in this dunk, and the ensuing technical made me think he got his money’s worth:

When the ball rimmed out, Rudy Gay crashed the boards and emphatically told it to back in its home:

Look, more dunking! The Spurs aren’t exactly a touchstone of in-game dunking, but on this night, they channeled a lot of energy into getting buckets and getting them often:

Dejounte Murray got in on all the funky dunktastic action by throwing one down of his own from outside the restricted area:

And as always, we save the best for last, the full-game highlights:

Next up, the Spurs keep home cooking hopes alive by taking on the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday, April Fools, 2021.