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Going forward, I can only refer to Giannis as “Agagachoochoo”

Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” nails an NBA moment

San Antonio Spurs v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

As the NBA went into the All-Star Weekend, I realized I had last Saturday’s SNL with host and music guest Nick Jonas. As the league went into the mid-season break Michael Che brought out LaVar Ball (played by Kenan Thompson) to talk about LaMelo Ball’s Rookie of the Year frontrunner status.

In typical comedic homage, LaVar called the Charlotte Hornets “the most storied franchise in all of basketball.” If that sets the tone, then what he spouted should come as no surprise.

Michael Che asked “ So you think LaMelo’s gonna win Rookie of they Year?”

LaVar responded that not only did he have the Rookie of the Year locked up, LaMelo would bring home MVP, Prettiest Hog at the Mecklenburg County Fair, and he would unite both North and South Carolina into a “super” Carolina.

Che asked, MVP? What about LeBron or Giannis Antetokounmpo?” Ball’s exaggerated response is too much. “Man, don’t you talk to me ‘bout no Yannis Agagagchoochoo.”

I will never hear his name the same again.

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