A more traditional lineup

The absence of players due to injuries and covid-19 safety protocols, forced a radical reshape of the lineup with 2 traditional bigs at PF (Lyles) and C (Poeltl), with DeMar playing more as a traditional SF. And the team did quite OK - despite what many (including myself) would expect.

So would (or should) that be a sign of things to come (for the rest of the season of for next season)? Would Aldridge accept a role in the 2nd unit (that would be extremely experienced and talented since it would also sport Mills and Gay)? How would playing time be split among the abundance of perimeter players (Murray, White, Mills, Jones competing for the PG/SG positions - DeRozan, Walker, Johnson, Vassell competing for the SG/SF positions)?

Anyway, whatever might be the case, I think there are 2 things to consider. First, our coaching team did it again and found a way to maximize the potential of the roster. Second, small-ball is not the only option and the lineup could be adapted depending on the opponent.

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