The (Not So) Beautiful Game

Who are we?

Throughout the years, I've always known the Spurs to be the anomaly of the NBA. We've always been the odd team that doesn't operate like anyone else...not in the front office, not in the coaching staff, not in the draft, not on offense and not on defense.

But now...

We're just another low middling team struggling each year to make the playoffs. Don't get me wrong. Its not our current record. It's not our first playoff miss last year since MJ was still a Bull.

It's our lack of identity.

Our offense is stagnant and we practically never have 30+ assist games. Ever. Most possessions there are 3 or less passes before a shot attempt.

Our defense is not only extremely flawed, but it fails to improve or correct the SAME errors after multiple seasons of failure to defend the three ball, particularly the corner three.

The old, Spurs would have taken DDR's completely broken 3pt shot and sent him to Chip England's boot camp to turn him into a respectable shooter.

Who are we?

What are we doing?

The only identity we seem to have now is that of a team so scarred by the KL drama that we can't ever get back to being a good team, much less a championship contender.

Getting rid of LMA was the right decision, but that should have happened two years ago. Now we get nothing for him since we waited for his antiquated game to become even more so and for him to be married with injuries. We should have surrounded DDR with 3 and D players. We should be playing MUCH more Trey Lyles than Jakob Poetl.

We need to get off of the idea that DDR is our offensive focus and get back to the beautiful game. With the diverse skill set that we have, now is the perfect time.

Don't get me wrong. I still trust PATFO. I imagine that they recognize these issues and are formulating a plan, but I just can't see it is all.

Am I missing something?

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