Dinner and a Game in Milwaukee: Pregame Verse

Dinner and a Game in Milwaukee

By ScipioTheYounger March 2021


Pop will have two glasses of his fine wine blend

Bud two bottles if before the game else three.

Neither apprehensive for both apprehend

Players play the game with three that referee.


They decide the outcome, L or W.

Coaches urge them and not weakly nor meekly

Insist they do right amidst hullabaloo

Regardless of who is healthy or sickly.


Milwaukee plays hellishly and Spurs like hell,

Mediocre with or without elderly stars.

Does the term 29th pick somehow ring a bell?

Injuries left not might-now-be’s but are’s.


So, Spurs fans can only hope it’s a trap game

For young Antetokounmpo and old Milwaukee.

"Just beat Philly, in contrast, Spurs are lame and tame.

"Cool, we’re rock-em sock-em. They’re rocky, sucky."


Bucks purr as Spurs prepare to buck the odds.

Bud’s no fool to drool before he tastes the win.

He must ensure game faces are not facades;

No visions of garbage time snuck their way in.


Pop’ll spend no time coaching appropriate fear.

He’ll lament not FIBA rules like in World Cup,

But this time a press defense might interfere

With Bucks – bucking odds. So, buckaroos, buckle up.

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