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Spurs Give to host “Living In My Skin” panel discussion

Taking the Spurs Voices series to the next level.

Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Mark Sobhani/NBAE via Getty Images

Over the last year since the tragedies that befell George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the San Antonio Spurs have given voice to the daily injustices that follow people of color. Each interview was personal and from the heart. In many, racial inequality was felt by the speaker. In some, the individual was the parent, relative, or friend of someone they witnessed being wrongly treated. These were not extraordinary events like so many making the news. These were the daily goings on of Americans.

Now Spurs Give is taking those stand alone videos to the next level and hosting what is sure to become an ongoing series of discussions.

“Living In My Skin,” hosted by Spurs legend and Fox Sports Southwest telecast member Sean Elliot, will take a deeper dive into the stories that continue to plague the United States.

Brian Wright, Seymour Battle, Brandon Logan, Darryl Byrd, and Judge William Cruz Shaw will serve as a panel for this premiere event.

You can participate on Thursday, March 18th at 5PM CST at the Spurs Give Facebook Page.

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