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It’s time for San Antonio Spurs vs Brooklyn Nets

The Spurs face a superteam from the East while they try to find their rhythm

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

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After the rousing victory on Saturday night against the Pelicans, the Silver and Black face the Brooklyn Nets tonight, who are without Kevin Durant tonight, but still have Kyrie Irving and the bearded one, James Harden. The Spurs have played well against good teams this year, and the Spurs with no All-Star picks look to show that the super-clutch DeMar DeRozan at least should have been picked to go to Atlanta this year. Tonight may see the return of Keldon Johnson to the lineup, and he’s a threat to block a Harden shot at least once in the game. Lonnie Walker IV also seems to always play well against teams with Harden on them, so hopefully he can build on his solid game Saturday against the Pelicans.

Irving, Durant, and Harden. That’s quite an amazing trio. They don’t play at the Garden, but Barclay is a good place to be-o. But Jakob won’t beg pardon, as he blocks the beard’s three-o.

One final word:

Go Spurs GOOOOOO!!

San Antonio Spurs vs Brooklyn Nets
February 27, 2021 | 7:30 PM CT
Streaming: NBA League Pass

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