Spurs Guard Stats for All-Star Voting

I understand the apathy among San Antonio Spurs fans regarding NBA All-Star voting, especially during the 2020-21 NBA season In The Time of COVID-19. All-Star voting is & always has been a popularity contest, regarding the starting lineups being chosen by the fans (50%), the media (25%) & players (25%). If Spurs players have any chance of making it in, that's usually up to the Western Conference coach who chooses the reserves. Sadly now, with Eastern & Western conference vote leaders becoming Team Captains in 2018, the lineups are even More of a popularity contest.

With regards to Spurs recently making the All-Star team, LaMarcus Aldridge was a reserve choice in 2018 & 2019. DeMar DeRozan's last appearance was when he was with the Toronto Raptors in 2018, & he started. With All-Star voting ending at 11:59 PM EST (& assuming you have power &/or a charged laptop, tablet or smartphone), there's still time left. I wanted to give you stats to use in making your decision (even though Everyone depends on emotions & popularity to vote anyway). This fanpost is for players the NBA classified as Guards. Warning: If any Spurs Actually Make it, starting 5 or reserve, Injuries, COVID-19 protocols & being in the NBA G League bubble will cause Commissioner Adam Silver to select a replacement... popularity contest, Indeed!

Ranking by Points Per Game: #11: DeMar, 19.8; #23: Dejounte Murray, 15.1; #25: Keldon Johnson, 14.5; #30: Patty Mills, 13.2; #38: Derrick White, 11.8; #42: Lonnie Walker IV, 10.8; #76: Devin Vassell, 5.5; #95: Tre Jones, 2.0; #106: Quinndary Weatherspoon, 0.8.

Ranking by Assists Per Game: #5: DeMar, 6.9; #17: Dejounte, 5.0; #24: Derrick, 3.9; #38: Patty, 2.7; #45: Keldon, 2.3; #60: Lonnie, 1.7; #84: Devin, 1.1; #92: Quinndary, 0.8, #108: Tre,0.1.

Ranking by Rebounds Per Game: #3: Dejounte, 7.2; #4: Keldon, 7.0; #12: DeMar, 5.0; #43: Devin, 3.2; #49: Lonnie, 2.9; #81: Patty, 1.9; #85: Derrick, 1.8; #105: Tre, 0.4, #106: Quinndary ,0.4.

Not included are Fantasy Points, which add another decision if you are influenced by them. For the Western Conference starting Guards, I voted for DeMar & Dejounte! As for the Eastern Conference starters, I used the Guards with the Top 2 PPG. If you want to vote again, you can use the NBA App & Twitter. Tweet format: #NBAAllStar #FirstNameLastName. Example: #NBAAllStar #DeMarDeRozen

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