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Four Spurs now positive for Covid, NBA postpones next three games

The bad news is coming in buckets for the Spurs.


The NBA announced the postponement of additional games after four Spurs players tested positive for Covid-19. There’s no word yet on which players are impacted by the results. The Spurs last played the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday and prior to that the Atlanta Hawks on Friday. So far, neither of those teams have had any reported positive tests.

The San Antonio Spurs’ next three games (Wednesday, Feb. 17 at Cleveland; Saturday, Feb. 20 at New York and Monday, Feb. 22 at Indiana) and the Charlotte Hornets’ next two games (Wednesday, Feb. 17 vs. Chicago and Friday, Feb. 19 vs. Denver) have been postponed in accordance with the NBA’s Health and Safety Protocols.

The games are being postponed due to four Spurs players testing positive and additional contact tracing for players on both San Antonio’s and Charlotte’s rosters, and in order to ensure the health and safety of players on both teams.

We hope everyone is staying safe and as warm as possible during this extreme weather currently blanketing the state of Texas.