Spurs Cavaliers Lakers trade solves this seasons problems in Cleveland while getting the Spurs another piece for the future

I'd like to propose a 3-eat trade between the v Lakers, Spurs, and Cavs

The Cavs would get Tre Jones (but I'm sure they'd prefer Derrick White) who's proven to be an NBA caliber point guard that can shoot and play D.

The Lakers would get Drew Eubanks from SA who has come off the bench and proven to be a high energy, hustle guy that can definitely fit in until AD comes back

The Spurs would take DeAndre Jordan and Sexton. Jordon would be the third option behind Jakob Poeltl and Landale.
If more pieces need to be added, Thad Young, Derrick White, Lonnie Walker, and Bryn Forbes could be thrown in somewhere.

Everyone knows the spurs aren't going to win this year, so Sexton riding the bench isn't going to change their season. What it will do is make them significantly better next year and make some of their other high end roll players expendable.

With Sexton on the roster they could focus on getting an All Star PF in the draft or off season. And if something happens to Murray, they still have Sexton and Primo to play the 1 and 2. They have an abundance of small forwards as well.

Starters: Murray, Saxton, Keldon Johnson, Landale, Poeltl

Bench: Primo, Vassell, Lonnie Walker, McDermott, , Landale

(I see DeAndre Jordan coming off the bench spelling time between Poeltl and Landale)

Now we could take DeAndre Jordan completely off the radar if the Cavs are willing to throw in Kevin Love!

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