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Spurs, Star Wars, and the art of the Daddy/Daughter Date Night

Winning isn’t everything

It started with the special tickets that included a Star Wars edition San Antonio Spurs shirt.

The Spurs have long been a connection for my daughter and I. Additionally, so has the Star Wars film series. A fan of both makes a night out together a little more of an adventure. She soaked it in from the Star Wars scroll Jumbotron start-

Through the Rudy Gay tribute-

To the full Star Wars antics of the night.

Elizabeth was quite fond of the halftime entertainment provided by Christian and Scooby. The Hype Squad’s Star Wars inspired performance was killer.

We had great seats just above the standing room section located in front of La Gloria.

She sporting her new Spurs knit cap,me in my Lonnie Walker IV 2020 fiesta jersey.

It really come down to a couple of hours of unfettered time with an excited eight-year-old. Breaking curfew, talking basketball, making Star Wars connections, asking about players, sharing in the experience of rooting for our team. Two less hours of TV, two less hours of cleaning up, or worrying about the rest of our holiday. Just time together, eating popcorn, and snuggling in the seats.

It’s the one holiday tradition that belongs to the two of that I enjoy each year. Having the addition of the Star Wars theme was just the icing on the cake. We didn’t even mind that the game did not end as we hoped it would. That’s a concern for another day. The night belonged to us, from the drive there to the walk across the parking lot on our way home, time with my daughter is precious, but having some common interests makes the events exciting.

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