Christmas special poetry

As always, your drunken poetry writer comes up with something to celebrate Christmas with you:

Christmas eve is by tomorrow, new year soon coming up follow, it’s time for us all assemble, PTR party time!

JR will get all details followed, Jeph will arrange all those tables, Mark will get creative intro, gather us all in time

Invitations came, for you and for me; From Finland to Pilipino, participants all on time

Australia graces us with Landale, Austria blesses us with Jakob, locals calling out for Primo, it is autograph time!

Special guest we bring, the ageless grandpa; Argentines dress as batman, holding "Uno mas" sign!

Sdowns greets and serve with gracious, Veggie masterpiece are greatness, Pounders are all in happiness, let’s get to overtime!

Comes monsieur Beausport, French champagne he brings; Red and Zhou wish you drinking Christmas, and a drunken new year!

I wish everyone share liberty, justice balanced with equality, good guys win their way to glory, and to hold parade.

May new banner arise!

Plot: We wish you a Merry Christmas (If someone doesn't know this, please let me know XD)

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