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Get your PtR special when the Spurs celebrate Star Wars Night

Spurs and Jazz fight it out like the Jedi and Sith

There is nothing like attending a San Antonio Spurs game in person. And when you get your tickets at a discount, the night is even sweeter.

Join Pounding the Rock as the San Antonio Spurs host the Utah Jazz for Star Wars Night!

Lonnie Sky Walker IV, Obi-Wan Dejounte- R2D White, C3P0eltl, Han McDermott, and Anakin Primo will be on hand as the Rebel Alliance faces their darkest foe — Darth Gobert and the evil Salt Lake City empire.

Tickets Start at $20.00 with the added bonus- we’re bringing back the post game Free Throws. This is the first time this season that fans will be able to step on the Spurs hardwood and shoot a free throw before heading home for the night.

Don’t miss the action. Come spend your post holiday with the San Antonio Spurs on Atar Wars theme night.

Star Wars Night!

As a Pounding the Rock Reader and loyal Spurs Fan you have special access to Spurs tickets at an exclusive rates. Click HERE to be transported by hyperspace to the place where tickets are purchased.

San Antonio Spurs Vs Utah Jazz

Tuesday, December 27, 2021

7:30PM @AT&T Center

PTR Package Includes:

  • Spurs Vs Jazz Game Ticket
  • Limited Edition Spurs Star Wars T-Shirt
  • Post-Game Free Throw

And may the force be with you.