Pop's ending

This is my thoughts after last loss vs. Mavs. This should be last season for coach Pop. He is getting older, maybe more stubborn, and just lost that "mojo". Many decisions over last few years made me write this.


After big3 era he didn't want to make big changes even we had to do that. We stuck with Gasol (for example) and many of us just was saying why. Maybe he just wanted to stay playoff team for what ever it takes. And it is ok to follow that record but i think we could 5 years ago made what we are making now, complete roster change (rebuilding). Specially after nephew thing we should just embrace new movement (and i don't mean tanking, just do what for example Heat does).


In last game we don't have our starting center, and what he does? He plays his, what should be, 3rd center and didn't let any other center to get minutes and wasn't playing with real PF. And what happened, we lost, we were out rebounded by 16 rebounds and we gave 15 offensive rebounds (at least 10 more possessions for them). And we played against bigs like Powell, Cauley-Stein and Bobby who are not on top level at all in this league.

There are more examples for bad decisions but i just made this example to show that Pop is a little lost after Timmy left. And it is ok, i know that we will not have that type of players like we had in big 3 era and that is why i think he should let someone else to lead this new group. This season Pop will become coach with most wins and i think he should leave after that. I am grateful for everything he has done for our team and organization, and this is not something bad, he just need to know when is over and let others to take over.

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