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What We Learned from the Spurs loss to the Hawks

It’s probably for the best if we don’t think too hard about this one.

Atlanta Hawks v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Hey. Hi. Hello.

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the states so if you’re reading this right now then, please, I beg you, don’t spend any more of your precious time on the Internet trying to learn something from the Spurs loss to the Hawks last night. Go run around outside. Go hug a loved one. Go watch a football game you don’t care about. Go do...literally anything else. Please.

The Spurs are trying. They really are, like, we all know that, right? We love them and we care about them and we’re pulling for them to figure things out but, like, that’s a long term project. I think it’s okay to give yourself a break today. I promise that the boys will still be here for you when you get back.


  • Hey, Bryn Forbes, congrats on hitting 600 career threes. That’s, I mean. Wow. That’s a lot of threes. He’s had a pretty wild ride around the league and I know he hasn’t gotten off to the hottest start here on his 2nd tour of duty in San Antonio but I think...WAIT. What are you still doing reading this? I said to get out of here. Scram. Go on, get! We can talk about Bryn Forbes tomorrow.
  • Seriously. I’m not doing anymore analysis. Nothing will be learned. I refuse.
  • Fine, if you’re just going to sit there and stare at me then I guess we can watch one Jakob Poeltl highlight together just to sort of cleanse the palate. Let’s see...did Jakob do anything cool last night? Oh. Right. He came down off a pick & roll with DJ and basically turned into Kevin Durant for a few seconds while throwing one down in John Collins’ face.
  • Ok. We good? Are we satisfied? Then let’s get out of here and go enjoy ourselves. It’s what the Spurs would’ve wanted.

WWL Post Game Press Conference

- Short and sweet today. Probably a good call.

- Yeah, I mean, this is gonna be a long season and there are going to be plenty of nights like this along the way. I think it’s important for everyone to take a breather and just sort of, you know, clear their heads. Maybe if we take a beat and start fresh again on Friday then things will look better.

- People have certainly done crazier things to end a losing streak.

- Oh MAN. The losing streak! That would’ve been a great angle for this post. Like, maybe I should’ve gotten everyone to sign a pledge or something that said we wouldn’t turn on the TV or go on the Internet again until the Spurs won a game...

- How would they know the Spurs won a game if they didn’t turn on the TV or go on the Internet?

- Newspaper? Look, I’m just spitballing but I’ll think of something. Maybe we should get out of here before they turn the lights off.

- Got it. Happy Thanksgiving!

- Happy Thanksgiving!