The DeRozan revolution

Lovely piece today on how the Spurs DeMar DeRozan all by himself broke against conventional wisdom to play an exciting blend of classic and modern ball rarely found this side of 2014.

Sample favorite lines -

"DeRozan would go on to play more de facto power forward in the bubble, pushing his war against the modern game to its logical extreme"

"Surrounded by space at the 4, DeRozan is dangerous—a fact that is bearing out for the team against whom the idea first sprouted [out of thin air]."

"Despite making progress from beyond the arc in Toronto, DeRozan abandoned the shot almost completely when he arrived in San Antonio. He retreated inside the arc, simplified his decision-making, and unlocked his playmaking creativity."

And so on.

Mentions of your San Antonio Spurs - 7, none in a particularly positive light. Exception is to note that it was "widely considered" that we robbed Chicago blind on the trade market.

Listen, obviously he had a leading role in his own story, and I've been as sceptical of some of PATFO's recent choices as anyone, but wow.

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