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Eliminating one team from the NBA

Part 2 of an obscure scenario

Orlando Magic v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Last week I surmised an alternate reality in which the San Antonio Spurs had not made it into the NBA. If the Spurs were, in fact, just taken out today and plucked from the National Basketball League, there would be twenty-nine teams. That is an odd number.

In the thread everyone was asked who they would root for. Today, let’s go the other way.

If there is no Spurs, then there has to be another team taken out to keep the league at an even number of teams.

For this Open Thread, you get to determine which other NBA team also gets the boot.

Who’s it going to be, Pounders? You have the ability to end one franchise with the bat of an eye. Which team do you eliminate and —more importantly — why?

Welcome to the Thread. Join in the conversation or feel free to start your own discussion. This space is for your thoughts on any aspect of the NBA not covered by a dedicated PtR article. This is the Spurs community, your Spurs community. Thanks for being here.

Our community guidelines apply which should remind everyone to be cool, avoid personal attacks, not to troll and to watch the language.