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Pop’s coaching tree continues with Tim Duncan

A nineteen-year player turned one-year assistant

San Antonio Spurs v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

It seemed like a dream come true — the San Antonio Spurs greatest player teaming up with their most celebrated head coach. The second pairing of the greatest love story in sports history. The continuation of a dynasty.

And then it was over.

In his lone season, Duncan took the reins on one occasion when Gregg Popovich was ejected for...well, being Pop. There was an immediate discussion as to who technically took over, whether it was Duncan or Becky Hammon. In the end, Duncan had done the recon on the team and was therefore credited with the temporary head coaching spot.

At the end of the pandemic-riddled season, Tim Duncan left the sideline, but has not necessarily abandoned the team. He has been seen working out with players throughout.

“The move came as no surprise within the organization, as it understood from the beginning that Duncan would assist Popovich — as the Spurs transitioned from franchise stalwarts such as Manu Gionobili, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard to a younger roster — for only a short period, according to sources.” - Michael Wright,

The legend of Tim Duncan never dies, and there will always be hope he will take a more prominent role in the organization. Either way, having him one the sideline was good for the soul.

Next up: Will Hardy

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